DSC06458If travel pictures aren’t posted on social media sites, does that mean the trip didn’t happen? That is how I sometimes feel about my Australian adventure from a few summer ago.  I am not sure why, but I never managed to post any pictures of this particular travel experience. A small group of students from my undergraduate university spent six weeks of our summer working with some of the local churches in Melbourne to build up their youth groups.  We also had the opportunities to volunteer weekly at the Salvation Army, feed some kangaroos & other wildlife (including some rather terrifying emu), visit about five different T2 and Typo retail locations, experience Hillsong Conference, celebrate Christmas in July (taking advantage of Australian winter), have an impromptu dance party with some local teenagers on the steps of the Sydney Opera House & eat Tim Tams to our hearts’ content.

The Highlights

Bogans, uni, heaps, shopping centres, BBQs & kilojoules.

The Remarkable

Australia is one of the most beautiful countries/continents that I have had the pleasure of visiting. I will never forget the simple beauty found while driving for seven hours along the Great Ocean Road. The natural rock formations of The Twelve Apostles were truly awe-inspiring & the striking visual contrast between the slate rocks and the vibrant rolling hills on Phillip Island took my breath away. The people are incredibly laid back, welcoming & fashionable. You know that you are liked & fitting in well if an Australian starts to poke fun at you. I really appreciated the detail they give not only to hosting formal dinner parties, but also to the obligatory morning & afternoon tea times. I still envy the way that Australians have mastered a carefree lifestyle in the midst of a still largely uninhabited wild natural landscape & found relative unity within a melting pot of cultures. I absolutely cannot wait to go back.

DSC06302Flinders Street Railway Station
DSC06523State Library of Victoria

DSC06497The Great Ocean Road rock formations
DSC06578A true hands-on experience
DSC06337Laneway graffiti in Melbourne
DSC06472The Twelve Apostles
DSC06654The coast of Phillip Island
DSC06670The team in front of the Sydney Harbor Bridge
DSC06692 The Sydney Opera House

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