International Business Institute

International Business Institute

The summer after my sophomore year of college I joined 43 other university students on an academic journey around the world. Representing 10 different schools, we spent our time completing four upper division college courses, touring a variety of multinational company headquarters, visiting governmental agencies & embassies, and exploring some of the most beautiful & historied cities throughout the world.

The Highlights

Walking the Great Wall. Seeing the Eiffel Tower sparkle at night. Eating jellyfish in China. Taking an impromptu day trip to Italy (including tiramisu “to go”). Riding one overnight train to Moscow and another to Beijing. Seeing the Taj Mahal. Visiting Anne Frank’s childhood home.

The Remarkable

Messiah College in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania offers the International Business Institute (IBI) to junior & senior business students. While Messiah students typically make up approximately half of the student population, IBI is open to students from other educational institutions. The visiting faculty, who represented 4 different Christian colleges & universities, were outstanding. The corporate visits were incredibly interesting & engaging. The cities that we toured were breathtaking. I usually mention IBI to every business student that I meet because I know how impactful IBI was to my personal & professional growth. I count that summer as the pivotal time in life when I took ownership of my passions and developed some major wanderlust.

See for yourself:


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